List of Recorded Lectures

Here is a list of everything I’ve recorded this semester, any of which I’m happy to share for your online course use via email.

  • Topics for The Psych Major
    • Using memory research to study better
    • TAMUSA degree plans (Psych)
    • Myths in psychology content and what you can do with a psych major
    • Psychology’s Replication Crisis / Credibility Revolution
    • Simmons, Nelson, & Simonsohn, 2011 (Rep Crisis part 2)
  • Topics for Writing for Psychology
    • Writing with smoothness, appropriate tone, clarity
    • Grammar and mechanics for writing in psychology
    • Thinking about audience when writing
    • Publication in psychology
  • Topics for Psychology of Learning
    • Stimulus generalization & discrimination, peak shift
    • Extinction
    • Comparative cognition (short term memory, long term memory, metacognition and language)
    • Learning motor skills
    • Observational learning
    • Limits of learning
  • Topics for Research Methods & Stats for Psychology II
    • Repeated-measures ANOVA
    • 2-way and factorial ANOVA
    • Main effects and interactions (ANOVA)
    • Chi square tests & Nominal data
    • Confidence intervals, concepts and calculating for a one-sample t-test
    • Writing results sections (Mainly for 2×2 ANOVA)
    • Single N designs
    • What stats test should I run? How do I identify the formulas for each type of test?

Later in summer 202 I’ll be teaching General Psychology, so I’ll have any of those topics as well.

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