I am an interested, involved teacher and my students appreciate my excitement and openness. I earned a graduate certificate from the University of Victoria’s program in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and won a TA award from the Canadian Council of Departments of Psychology. After teaching all around  San Antonio, Texas, including a stint as a Lecturer at Texas A&M University – San Antonio, I recently joined the division of Psychological and Social Sciences at the University of Saint Francis in my hometown as an Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Because my primary research training is in applied memory, I am particularly skilled in using teaching methods that promote deep, long-lasting learning and training students to use study methods that do the same. As a graduate student, I took courses in memory, vision science, advanced statistics, and neuropsychology. I’ve taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate level.

Please have a look at my teaching portfolio below for my research-supported approach to teaching. To get a feel for my lecture style, you can listen to the multiple lectures uploaded in my blog or visit my YouTube channel.