I am a cognitive psychologist, and I am particularly interested in research on memory. I did my Ph.D. with Steve Lindsay at the University of Victoria, worked as a Lecturer at Texas A&M University – San Antonio, and am currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I generally work on research topics in applied memory, more specifically eyewitness memory. Many projects are on the go, one of which focuses on the effects of eyewitness testimony on confidence of investigators, specifically the abilities of police officers to discriminate between accurate and inaccurate witnesses. Another is an attempt to predict eyewitness’ individual differences in their proclivity to choose someone from a lineup (published in CR:PI). See my Open Science Framework profile for descriptions of all projects, relevant poster presentations, and manuscript preprints.

If you are a student interested in joining the UNCLOG Lab, email me to chat more about it. If you definitely want to join, fill out and send me a Lab RA Application.

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