Simmons, Nelson, & Simonsohn (2011)

This year, I doubled up my Replicability Crisis chats in Psych 2202: Introduction to the Psychology Major. One part is the lecture I posted last week, and the second is this discussion of Simmons, Nelson, & Simonsohn’s 2011 paper in which they offer the concept of researcher degrees of freedom. I’ve tried to communicate it to a first- or second-year psych student here, but it nonetheless might be good to listen to my other Reproducibility/Replicability lecture (and maybe also Dr. Sanjay Srivastava’s) before digging into this one. The slides here are basically just screenshots of the bits of the paper I discuss, so you can do well with either here.

Slides: Simmons2011

Simmons et al. (2011)

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