Intro Psych Lectures

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, mainly because I’ve been teaching an online version of General Psychology (AKA Intro Psych). It’s done, and I will happily share the videos. At the playlist linked at the end of this post, there are videos for all the topics listed here. Use as you wish!

  • Experiments, Causality, and Validity
  • Ethics & Replication
  • Correlation Coefficients and Scatterplots
  • Consciousness & Attention
  • Sleep
  • Drugs
  • Neurons
  • The Brain
  • Brain research methods
  • Structure of the eye
  • Color vision & other senses
  • Perception
  • Memory for studying
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Working Memory & Long Term Memory
  • Fallibility of Memory
  • Category Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Language
  • Intelligence
  • Cognitive Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Personality theories & The Self
  • Trait theories of personality
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Emotion
  • Motivation
  • Stress
  • The DSM
  • Mood Disorders
  • Other Disorders
  • Therapy types
  • Specific therapies
  • Alternatives to talk-based therapy
  • Intro Psych themes

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